About Us

The Club was started by a group of like minded individuals who all worked in the Three Rooms at Lloyd’s; the 1928 Building; the 1958 Building and the 1986 Building. With the passage of time, membership is now also available to anyone who has served in the Lloyd’s Community or within the London Insurance Market for a minimum period of 25 years, or otherwise at the discretion of the Committee.

Our objective is to maintain an association of those members, and to enable them to meet and enjoy social activities and to assist and foster any other activity which in the view of the Club Committee is beneficial to the welfare of the Community of Lloyd’s or within the London Insurance Company Market.

There are around a thousand members who realise that Lloyd’s is not just a “living” it is a way of life where the sense of belonging is indigenous and camaraderie epitomises the whole Society.  The Club allows and encourages these sentiments and beliefs to endure. We meet generally twice a year, generally in April and November at Lloyd’s.

Our “Get Togethers” are a time for friends and colleagues both working and retired; old and new; regardless of the firm we worked for, to exchange the latest news and gossip about the past and future in a convivial atmosphere, with a well earned glass and refreshments. There is always a welcoming smile.

Apart from extending the hand of friendship our “raison d’etre” is a Charitable focus through the Three Rooms Charitable Trust. The Trustees invite applications from members who are involved with a local registered Charity, to submit requests for assistance from the Trust.

Should you wish to apply for membership follow this link to the Application Form and Bankers’ Standing Order Form.