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Qualification for Membership

The Committee of the Club may, at their discretion, admit to membership of the club those persons who have served in the Lloyd’s community or within the London Insurance Market for a minimum period of 25 years, or otherwise at the discretion of the Committee.

Membership Categories and Applications

Membership of the Three Rooms Club comes in two categories, Life and Annual, and you can apply for either by downloading the Application Form from the ‘How to Join Us’ page of the Web-Site, completing it, and returning it by post to the Membership Secretary, Mr. Paul Coombes at the address on the Application Form.

When submitting your ‘Application’ please also enclose your cheque in the amount of £ 150 if you are applying for ‘Life Membership’ and are under 70 years of age (£75 for those over 70), or complete the Standing Order Mandate if you are applying for ‘Annual Membership’.

Membership applications are considered at the Committee Meetings which are held 4/5 times a year, following which you will be contacted by the Membership Secretary who will either confirm that your application has been successful, and send you a Membership Card, or that your application has been declined in which case any monies that you have paid will be returned to you immediately.

Paul Coombes, Membership Secretary